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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Next Sunday Group Ride

Join the National Bike Challenge

Coming in 2019.

Spaghetti 100 -

This iconic ride will be offered again in 2019


Kids on Bikes

Help us continue to make Tallahassee a great place for bicycling though our family and youth programs including Elementary school Education and Trips for Kids.

Welcome to Capital City Cyclists, a recreational bike club and bicycle advocacy organization for the Florida Capital region. 

Take action on Digitally !

Lights that don't turn green for you? Often the in-pavement detection loop does not detect cyclists, either because the sensitivity is set too low, or you do not know where the sweetspot is for the loop to detect your rims. 
Put your frustration into a citizen complaint on DigiTally. How can cyclists be expected to stop for red if they can never get a green? Help things to change! See more in Bicycle Detection