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Solo Dirt Rider CCCMany of us ride SOLO, especially since the Covid19 pandemic. Here are some rides that you can do, and or ride against. If you have a Garmin devce like the Edge 520, these .fit files allow you to ride/race agains the pace of the person that uploaded the ride. This uses the virtual partner option. It is suggested that you use the auto-pauze feature on your bike computer in order to not count any time waiting at traffic lights and intersections. Typically 3 mph is a good number to use. To use virtual partner, you want to upload the .fit file to the Garmin/NewFiles folder on your device, then go to Courses from the main screen on your device and choose the route from the list.  In some cases the .fit file does not end up in the routes, but in the activities folder. If that is the case choose the "create new"  option in the course menu on your Garmin and choose the corresponding activity. (it will help to know the date and time when the activity was originally ridden.)  Note that you have to be a club member to be able to download the .fit files. 

Alternatively, these routes are also posted on our club page on If you have not signed up there, goto and apply to join. Please use your member email as we do check your membership status before approval. You'll need to create a free RideWithGPS account to be able to join. By signing in to the Capital City Cyclists club page, you'll have premium privileges on the posted club routes, which include customizable turn-by-turn directions. To find the SOLO rides, search for the routes starting with 'SOLO'. 

There are currently only a few rides/routes listed here. Please help adding more routes by sending your .fit files of your route to as an attachment. Alternatively, join the Capital City Cyclists group on Garmin Connect and set the privacy settings to make your ride accessible to Connections and Groups. 

File Link Route  Lenght  Speed  Source  Comments 

May 14 10:58am
   38 mi  19 mph  Hans  Cabos Ride with stop at Natural Bridge State Park and four 1 minute high intensity intervals on Commercial drive after the Wakulla prison. Start at Cabos Island Grill and Bar.  Auto pause set to 3 mph.
 SOLO RailRd Sq Southwood Loop

April 16
5:41 pm
 SOLO RailRd_Southwood  27.6 mi  18.3 mph  Hans  Soutwood Loop. Starting from the intersection of FAMU Way and Industrial Dr (RailRd Square). This takes the St marks trail and the Capital Circle trail to a loop through Southwood and back. 
 SOLO Innovation Loop

April 10
4:23 pm
 SOLO Innovation Loop  8.6 mi  19.5 mph  Hans  This ride starts in front of the Maglab in Innovation park at the entrance to the parking lot close to Levy St. It takes the loop and Paul Dirac Dr towards Orange and back. This is a three mile loop that is taken three times. Currently very little traffic, but look out for turning traffic at the turning point at Orange Avenue.
 SOLO Wakulla Springs Loop

May 16 
12:01 pm
 Wakulla Springs Loop Thumb  27.5 mi  19.3 mph  Hans  A ride starting from the Capital Circle trailhead of the St Marks Trail. Down the trail, take 267 to Old Shell Point Rd, take 61 north, and take County Line Rd and Sunflower Rd, and Elgin to get back to the trail and trailhead. This is a flat route. Note that this ride starts about 500 ft down the trail from the bathrooms.

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