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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Next Sunday Group Ride

Jan 13 9am Books-A-Milion/Panera RIde See calendar for details.

Board Meeting

Th Jan 17, 6pm Leroy Collins Libarry, Henderson Room

Spaghetti 100

2019 date will be announced soon...

Kids on Bikes

Help us continue to make Tallahassee a great place for bicycling though our family and youth programs including Elementary school Education and Trips for Kids.

Welcome to Capital City Cyclists, a recreational bike club and bicycle advocacy organization for the Florida Capital region. 

Photos:  Spaghetti 2012 .
Photos:  Spaghetti 2017
Photos:  TosRov_2-12

Saturday Classic Chaires
This ride has been a tradition of Capital City Cyclists for nearly 3 decades. At 31 miles over slightly hilly, mostly quiet roads, the tempo is spirited but a bit more relaxed than the other rides leaving the community center (i.e.: the 7:30 - 8:00 group). It caters to B/C level riders and regularly regroups. You will enjoy it more if you have some group riding skills/experience and be open to suggestions.  Helmet Required. No aero-bars, please. 
Ken Schilling  

Sunday Classics
At present, we have 9 different Sunday routes organized into quarterly rotations with one "fixed, First Sunday" ride. Ride distance varies from roughly 31 to 50 miles. Some rides have as much as 1,100 feet of climbing while others as few as 230. Speeds are usually 15 - 19 mph. There are planned rest stops and the ride always regroups. You will enjoy these rides more if you have some group riding skills/experience and be open to suggestions.
HelmetRequired. No aero-bars, please.   Ken Schilling
Cycling Not Working
Rides start and finish from Havana, FL on Wednesdays and Calvary, GA on Fridays. Other rider speeds are welcome, but bring a partner to keep up with your speed. Havana start is the parking lot by the police station at 121 East Seventh Avenue. Calvary stats on First Avenue between GA-111 and Old 179 South. 15-18 mph. 35-45 mile distance .  Steve Baird


Lights that don't turn green for you? Often the in-pavement detection loop does not detect you, either because the sensitivity is set too low, or you do not know where the sweetspot is for the loop to detect your rims. 
Put your frustration into a citizen complaint on DIgiTally. That'll help things to change!  Bicycle Detection