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No Road through the Miccosukee Greenway !!

Johan van Tol/Eric Draper | Published on 4/6/2023
What is going on...

Dempsey Mayo Extension at Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway

From what we understand, the land that is now the Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway was negotiated for state acquisition for the purpose of conservation and recreation. This strip of land that runs along Miccosukee Rd between Fleicshman Rd and Crump Rd has functioned a park  that features the Miccosukee Greenway. Apparently, part of this deal was stipulations that roadway access may eventually be granted for future development of property to the north of the greenway (the newly built Canopy and the soon to be built Walaunee), such as Dempsey Mayo Rd. As this land is now undergoing development, plans for connecting Dempsey Mayo Rd through the greenway are now underway. The land is owned by the State of Florida is leased to and managed by Leon County Parks & Rec department.

At the City-County Bicycle workgroup, Mr. Charles Wu  of Leon County Public Works was kind enough to provide a glimpse of what this connection may end up looking like. The elements in question only pertained to the proposed roadway, which would be built by a/the developer and then handed to the County for maintenance. The design included a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Miccosukee Road and Dempsey Mayo Road, a north/south two-lane roadway connecting the existing Dempsey Mayo north terminus with new development to the north, as well as a multi-use path running north/south along the proposed extension road on the east side. The proposed design would consolidate the greenway trail system into a singular east/west crossing of the proposed roadway with a crosswalk similar to the existing greenway crosswalks found along Miccosukee Rd to the east.

The image below shows the approximate alignment of the proposed roadway in dark grey, as well as the parallel multi-use path. Not pictured is the proposed roundabout. 

This could actually be built next year already.  As cyclists, and users of the Greenway, we would like to stop this, or force this road to be built in a way that poses no danger to pedestrians and cyclists. This road has the potential to carry significant traffic in the future, especially if the connection to the I-10 and Killearn at Roberts Rd are realized, as it will provide an alternative route to get to Killearn, avoiding Capital Circle.  It will create dangers for users of the Greenway who will have to cross this road, where there are now several trails. 

Capital City Cyclists is coordinating with Gulf Winds Track Club, the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association, and members of the Westminster community to engage local officials. One request is to have public meetings and get public input before building the road. 

What you do ...
This currently is in the hands of the county, but Walaunee is a city development. We need your help in contacting both your city and county commissioners, emailing them, or speaking up at county meetings.  We think this road is not necessary and a danger to trail users, while degrading our great Miccosukee Greenway. 

Bicycle House Tallahassee