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Midtown Transportation Plan Public meeting

 | Published on 11/6/2019


November 6 Public Meeting – (6 pm – 7:30 pm) at the Tallahassee Senior Center (1400 N. Monroe Street) – The meeting is being held to help prioritize transportation opportunities in Midtown based upon the public input received to date.  Click here for more information.


Located just north of downtown Tallahassee, the Midtown area provides a vibrant mixture of commercial uses surrounded by close-in neighborhoods.  As the area has grown in vibrancy, increased private sector investment has occurred as has public sector transportation proposals to improve the mobility of the area.

The Midtown Area Transportation Plan builds upon the above efforts by identifying and reviewing potential changes to the transportation network to enhance Midtown’s mobility.

Phase I of the Midtown Plan was completed in 2018 and provided a traffic operations study to gain a better understanding of the travel patterns in and around the Midtown as well as the identification and evaluation of potential mobility improvements.  Presented to the CRTPA Board on February 20, 2018, more information on this phase is available by clicking here.

Phase II was initiated in the Spring of 2019 and builds upon the options identified and evaluated in Phase I.  The intent of Phase II is to gather significant public input regarding the multi-modal improvements needed to make walking, bicycling, and transit use both easier and more pleasant in the Midtown area.  Ultimately, the plan will focus on the implementation of these multi-modal improvements in a manner that reduces impacts (such as the need to purchase right-of-way) and maintains the character of Midtown.

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